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Dr. Ken Berger recently published his book about Philippine currency circulation during the Japanese occupation in World War II, Philippine Emergency notes: Counterstamped, Signed & Initialed (CSI) - Cebu Province. It is the product of years of scholarly research.

This book has been in development for many years. It is the most extensive and detailed examination of the 1941 and 1942 Cebu Emergency Currency ever compiled, along with the counterstamps, signatures and initials which are found on many of them.

The book has an initial printing of only 200 copies. It consists of 214 pages, along with a CD which contains color scans of all the notes and an addendum that has additional information which was obtained after the book went to print. Finally, each book has an original 1941 One Peso Philippine National Bank Note from Cebu whose last two numbers of the serial number match the last two numbers of the book number.

The world-renown Philippine numismatics specialist, Neil Shafer, says the book is a “great achievement…” and has gone into “a realm of relative completeness....” Ray Czahor of Cookie Jar Collectibles, a well-known dealer and collector of Philippine numismatics, says it was "an enormous project that required untold hours to examine the details of many thousands of notes to detect differences between them.”

The cost of the book is $50.00 plus $3.00 P&H. Copies may be obtained from either the author at csinotes@juno.com or P.O. Box 90314, San Diego, CA 92169, or from Ray Czahor of Cookie Jar Collectibles at cookiejarpi@verizon.net or Box 428, Savage, MD 20763.

Come by and see the author of this one of a kind of book.  He has researched an area that has never before been researched or documented before.